Linbro Park Developers Forum

Independent developers wanted

Given the challenges of unlocking the development potential in Linbro Park, the Linbro Park Developers Forum was started in September 2019. The challenges faced in Linbro Park are directly related to the lack of economic provision by the city.

Linbro Park differs to other areas such as Waterfall or Modderfontein, where there is one major developer controlling budgets and the roll out of the area. The responsibility and cost of providing infrastructure, and the development now falls to the independent developers in the area.

Growth, investment and job creation

It was therefore seen as prudent to set up a forum where the developers in the Linbro Park AH and Modderfontein AH areas could put forward one voice to council and work with one budget.

The pillar of the LPDF opportunity focuses on the creation of an environment that stimulates sustainable economic growth, investment and job creation.

Urban Development Framework

To create an environment that stimulates sustainable economic growth and further large investment into the area, expansion and replacement of infrastructure is required by the Developers Forum working as a team.

One of the starting points needs to be resubmitting the Urban Development Framework application, as that has expired. To this effect, the town planners for the various developers will be convening a meeting to collaborate and bring this process to a speedy conclusion.

Below is the vision from the previous UDF, a copy of which can be obtained below.