About Linbro Park

One of the best up and coming areas to live in 2020

The suburb is one of the most centrally situated in Johannesburg. It is on the East side of the N3 nestled between the Marlboro and London Road off ramps, 12 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the central Sandton sophistication. It is five minutes away from the Marlboro Gautrain station, fifteen minutes away from OR Tambo and a three minute dirve takes you onto the highway which leads to Pretoria, Durban or Witbank.

Country living in the city

Linbro Park is a mixture of large plots where people stable their horses, old farms still have cows and chickens and old rickety farmhouse gates greet your entrance into some driveways depending on where in the neighbourhood you find yourself. It's a neighbourhood that appears to have been lost in time. You can also find a selection of upmarket dwellings such as The Reid, developed by Balwin. Modderfontein running alongside Linbro Park has a wide selection of warehouses, as does the border of Linbro Park. This allows for the perfect mixed use dwelling, where you can live close to where you work enabling you to avoid those daily lengthy commutes to the office.

A cut above the rest

Lonehill, Dainfern and the like this is not. The neighbourhood has a distinct country like charm about it in very much the way that former outlying areas on the edge of the city had years ago before development crept ever-further north. There is evidence of beautiful old trees and slightly rundown dwellings. Highly preferable for some over the manicured and Beverley Hills' style modernity that is most of Johannesburg's newer suburbs. You can still drive up to the gate and pick up some newly laid free-range eggs, or freshly connected honey from the hive

A tightly knit community

There are not many suburbs in Johannesburg, where you move to and almost immediately get to know everyone in the area. Linbro Park is filled with colourful personalities and a vocal community. They used to have horse and carriages moving around the area, but given the increased traffic, that has changed. However there is a very active Whatsapp group with residents who are constantly trading commodites, second hand goods, and a few jokes. There is a wonderful sense of support and belonging that comes with living in the area. Once a week they have a virtual quiz evening, there is a local brewery in the area, and a many other delicious goodies for sale on the group.