Linbro Park Community Association

Serving the community since 1930

The Linbro Park Community Association has served the community almost since the beginning of the township establishment in 1930. Many of the records from the meetings and the AGM are kept at the local library which can be found in Hilton Avenue.

Staying connected

Linbro Park has a very active community where they sell eggs, swop stories, have quiz evenings and much more. Much of this activity takes place on the Whatsapp group – to be included in this group, please send an email to

LPCAs Purpose

Prior to the digital age, the committee was involved in keeping a watchful eye over happenings in Linbro. They spent hours, months and years putting together the Urban Development Framework for the day that Linbro eventually succumbed to development. Today, they take more of a back seat, but step in when needs be to engage with council or on legal matters.

The LPCA Committee

The Chairperson of the LPCA is Spencer Tarr, a practicing attorney who has committed many years to the Linbro Park cause. The LPCA is currently looking for new committee members, as most of the old guard has left the area. Should you be inclined to pull up your sleeves and assist please contact Jenny, the current LPCA secretary on today.